Car rearview mirror adjustment has learned

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Car rearview mirror adjustment has learned

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A car has three rearview mirrors, each owner day to see them no less than a hundred back and forth, but asked a simple question: how do you adjust the car's rearview mirror? Did you say that a reason to come? Perhaps everyone has a different habit of driving, but how to adjust the rearview mirror, or have a certain rule.

Now in the new century, the advanced equipment makes the car smarter and safer, but the left and right rearview mirrors on both sides of the car and the central rearview mirror in the car room, no matter how obstructed, no one The car got them.

Left rearview mirror adjustment method: the horizontal line placed in the rear center mirror position, and then adjust the edge of the body to occupy the mirror image of 1/4.

Right rearview mirror adjustment method: the horizontal line placed in the rearview mirror 2/3 position, and then adjust the edge of the body to occupy the mirror image of 1/4.

Central rearview mirror adjustment essentials: horizontal pendulum in the middle, ears to the left. The horizontal line of the horizontal line is placed in the center line of the central rearview mirror, and then moved around, and the image of the right ear is placed just on the left edge of the mirror.

The car's visual corners may be more unexpected than you can, is not a mere three backcourt can be covered, so whether in the switch lane or left, right turn, or in the determination of safe and secure situation Look back at it!

There are many concept car to use the camera to grasp the car peripheral situation, but it seems that the function is not enough and that two thin mirror, each production car are still obediently installed rearview mirror. Even the left and right rearview mirrors are one of the main sources of traffic fist, and are particularly vulnerable to collision due to the outermost position on both sides of the body. Many car engineers have long wanted to replace it with other equipment. Of the function, but so far, no one depot to do; whether it is Mercedes-Benz, or BMW.

■ The correct rearview mirror position
So what is the left, right, and the windshield in the center of the three rearview mirror should be how to adjust? First or old words, first adjust the standard sitting, and then adjust the mirror.

 First, the central rearview mirror: left and right position to adjust to the left side of the mirror just cut to their own image in the mirror
The right ear, which means that in the case of general driving, from the central rearview mirror is not see their own, and the upper and lower position is the distant horizon placed in the mirror center can be.

Second, the left rearview mirror: the upper and lower position is the distant horizon placed in the center, left and right position is adjusted to the body to occupy the mirror range of 1/4.
Three, the right side of the rearview mirror: because the driver is located on the left side, so the driver on the right side of the car is not so easy to grasp, plus sometimes the need for roadside parking, in the right rearview mirror in the adjustment, The location of the ground area to be larger, about 2/3 of the mirror. While the left and right positions are also adjusted to the body area can be 1/4.

Many people think that to eliminate the line of sight, as far as possible to the left and right rear view mirror to adjust or adjust down In addition, perhaps in order to be able to maintain a neat appearance at any time, research shows that there are many drivers to adjust the central rearview mirror in the car to take their own. According to Sanyang Industrial Safety Driving Training Center, said to get the maximum effective rear angle, according to the above way is the most correct adjustment.

■ look back to ensure that the clearance
The normal driver in the case of only turning the eye without looking back, you can see the front 200 degrees left and right range, in other words, there are about 160 degrees is invisible. Rely on three small mirrors will be able to cover the remaining 160 degrees, it is too "strong mirror hard"; in fact, left and right rearview mirror plus central rearview mirror, can only provide an additional about 60 About the visual range, then the remaining 100 degrees how to do it?

Very simple, go back to see it! This is not a joke! I believe in the United States opened the car owners know that in the United States test driver's license, the actual road test has an important project is in the turn and change the lane, there is no back to determine whether the car. Many people in Taiwan are driving a direction of the lights a dozen, left and right rearview mirror at a glance, a look no car to bend over, and the side collision is often caused by the collision.
Of course, in the back to confirm whether the rear side of the car before the car in front of the case without security. This moment of action, in most cases will not affect driving safety. Although there are many new cars are equipped with a double curvature of the rearview mirror, but this is the left and right rear view mirror angle range and then add some, still can not fully cover all the areas.

In addition, the market is not difficult to buy the car department store line wide-angle mirror to facelift, which may be able to further eliminate some dead ends, but the wider the scope of the rearview mirror image of the greater the degree of deformation, This is the "side effect" that the wide-angle lens must face at the same time.

■ clean back mirror small recipe
Left and right rear view mirror because of exposure, it is easy to get into the air of the oil, with the usual tissue paper to wipe, always force is not caught, one encountered rain, or blurred.

Toothpaste is a good rearview mirror cleaner, with a toothbrush dip out a little toothpaste, from the center out of the way to the mirror brush evenly, and then washed with water can be. Toothpaste itself in addition to cleaning effect, but also very detailed abrasive, you can left and right rear view mirror grease, stubborn dirt clean. Even in the event of rain, water droplets will form a spherical and quickly ruled out, will not be stained in a mirror, hinder driving safety.

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