Introduction of car rearview mirror

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Introduction of car rearview mirror

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The rearview mirror reflects the rear, the side and the bottom of the car, so that the driver can clearly see the situation of these positions, it plays a "second eye" role, expanding the driver's field of vision.

The rearview mirror is divided by the installation position, with rear mirrors, rear mirrors and inner mirrors. To use the division, outside the rearview mirror reflects the rear side of the car, the rear mirrors reflect the car before the bottom, rearview mirror reflects the rear of the car and the car situation. Use is not the same, the mirror structure will be different.

General rearview mirror mirror there are two, one is a plane mirror, as the name suggests mirror is flat, with the term expression is "surface radius of curvature R infinity", which with the general family mirror, you can get the same size with the visual image , This kind of plane mirror is often used as the rearview mirror. The other is a convex mirror, the mirror is spherical, with different size of the radius of curvature, its image is smaller than the visual, but the field of view is large, like the camera "wide-angle mirror" role, this convex mirror commonly used as external mirrors And rear mirrors.

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