The working principle and function of automobile electric rearview mirror

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The working principle and function of automobile electric rearview mirror

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With the continuous development of automotive design, the continuous development of the industrial level, the various functions of the car has also been perfect development, rearview mirror from the beginning of the fixed manual glass lens to the current electric, the material also has chrome, Aluminum and other options.

The rearview mirror consists of the following components: adjustment switches, motors, drives and actuators. Compared with the traditional manual rearview mirror, we can in the cab directly through the switch to adjust and operate, so that both for the driver to facilitate and enhance the safety of driving.

Rearview mirror mainly has the following functions: memory storage function; automatic folding function; heating defrost function; automatic adjustment function; automatic anti-glare; ranging and speed; part of the rearview mirror also has a wiper.

Behind the rearview mirror installed in the drive system, in fact, is the two motor drive system, a control mirror up and down as well as the rotary motion, another set of control mirror horizontal movement. The two motors cooperate to control the movement of the rearview mirror.

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