New technology of car rearview mirror

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New technology of car rearview mirror

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In recent years, domestic and foreign researchers and car manufacturers for the traditional optical rearview mirror defects, from different angles through various ways and methods of innovation and improvement, resulting in a lot of new technology. These new technologies, both local, unilateral changes, but also a full range of fundamental transformation (using the new working principle): both from the functional innovation, but also to meet the individual or aesthetic requirements of the design , Some of them have formed products, put on the market, and some still remain in the program design or experimental stage.

1, to strengthen the rear view of the new technology

(1) mirror new technology

Mirror is the core part of the optical reflex car rear view device, the mirror is its key parts, in order to improve the driving when the overtaking, and line, turn, reverse or high-speed driving safety factor, reduce the driver's fatigue, while Adapt to different working conditions, it should be able to meet the following requirements to correctly and clearly reflect the image, no deformation or deformation; adequate rear view, rear view range as large as possible, it is best to eliminate blind spots; Cold and other special weather can work properly. The current new technology is mostly around these aspects of the proposed.

Change the shape and increase the area

Increasing the area is the first reflection of the car manufacturer to solve the rear view of the blind spot, but the mirror frame is also large, will produce the overall uncoordinated problem, but also may bring inconvenience to the vision. To solve these contradictions, the designer from the mirror shape, area, installation location, vehicle style, car owners hobbies and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. There are many cars, especially large cars, such as the use of large arms such as the rearview mirror, also known as "rabbit ear mirrors", they installed the location and other vehicles are different, generally placed in front of the vehicle.

B. Change the curvature of the mirror

Plane mirror, spherical mirror is the traditional mirror used in the two series, they have their own strengths, but there are obvious functional defects.

Plane mirror: the advantages of rear view of the object without distortion, can truly reflect the car after the real shape of the object and the actual distance, to the driver have more accurate information. The disadvantage is that the rear view range is small, causing too much visual blind spot.

Spherical mirror: the characteristics of the rear view of the object is reduced, rear view range, angle of view, can not really reflect the size of the car after the object and the actual distance, the driver need to go through a process to adapt to the process.

On the two kinds of mirror each of the long, people use the method to change the curvature of the mirror to develop some new technologies and new products.

Double Curvature Mirror: Double curvature mirror is now relatively novel mirror. It makes up the scope of the plane mirror is too small, spherical mirror reflects the rear of the object is not real lack of its spherical part of the radius of curvature larger, generally about SR2000, basically solve the distortion problem.

Variable Curve Mirror: It is based on the model, the driver's eye position and the rearview mirror relative position, the field of vision requires three elements, the use of optical principles and data methods, the vehicle before and after the different viewing angle of different radius of curvature and smooth Transition, so that it can meet the basic distortion of the conditions to further expand the horizon, reduce the blind spot, both to meet the national mandatory standards, but also solve the problem of blind spots. In addition, the design of the mirror on the use of demarcation line to alert the driver to change the curvature of the surface only for the general situation after the car, in the rear view of the safety design is an innovative progress, but the manufacturing process is more complex and expensive manufacturing costs The

Panoramic mirrors: Europe and Japan have adopted a panoramic rearview mirror to eliminate the driver's blind spots. This rearview mirror in the middle of 2/3 of the area with a plane mirror, by 1/3 of the area with a large curvature of the convex mirror, so that the driver will be able to see a panoramic view of the car to eliminate the blind spot when the vision expanded 200 %. In order to reduce the blind spot, Sweden in more than 10 years ago with a convex glass exterior mirrors. This rearview mirror has a distorted phenomenon, but it has been used in many parts of the world because it helps to eliminate blind spots.

(2) surface treatment of new technologies

A. Coating technology

Mirror mirror coated with silver, aluminum, plating Ming, TiO2 coating (commonly known as "blue mirror") four. Silver, aluminum mirror reflectivity is high, although see clearly, but long-term observation of the mirror easy to cause fatigue on the eyes, and poor corrosion resistance, prone to oxidation, low cost. Chrome mirror reflectivity is more suitable for eye irritation, anti-corrosion performance is better, the current use of the rearview mirror mostly use this type of coating. TiO2 coated mirror with anti-glare function to reduce eye fatigue, the current high-end car rearview mirror is also more common, but the processing technology is more complex, poor color stability is difficult to control

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